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Corporate communications serve to strengthen and protect the identity and reputation of the core organisation, and build favour among stakeholders.


Successfull internal and external communication is the prime aim of our corporate communications, ensuring that employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the public have trust in your company, and its products or services.

Our general remit in the corporate communications space is sharing your brand story in an interesting yet responsible way. We achieve this by building a brand voice and identity, based around what is appropriate for the business in question. We consider who or what is newsworthy, why the story is relevant, and how best to engage the audience. 


Our day to day tactics can include business profiling - putting senior executives forward as case studies, or for comment on topical industry issues. We also draft press releases, distribute video content, leverage relationships with key journalists and manage incoming media requests. Bigger campaigns might involve brand partnerships, events or corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Furthermore, we manage the social identity of the brands we consult to. With the internet representing a 24/7 publication platform, we monitor the key digital platforms and can flag and respond to issues quickly. 


Please note that Hennessy & Co. Pty Ltd makes no claim to the copyright or IP rights of the campaigns detailed on this page, which belong to the associated brands, journalists, media and agencies involved in their production and/ or publication. They are shared only in the capacity of fair use.

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