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We use storytelling to bridge the meaning gap between a brand and its consumer, creating an immersive, multi dimensional experience.


Successfully communicating your brand story is the challenge at the heart of PR activity. Storytelling drives brand benefit by providing a tangible emotional connection with the audience - a feeling of admiration, a moment of humour, a sense of understanding or affiliation. This engagement builds trust and loyalty, ensuring that customers return to your brand again and again.  

We are experts in leveraging content for brand benefit. Forging connections that make the difference between a brand that is liked, and loved.


Whether creating a concept or a campaign, devising a complimentary partnership, a social media community, a video or a live experience, we know what constitutes a compelling encounter for your audience. Equally as important, we understand the way the media works, and can identify, create and amplify media value in the work we undertake for clients. 


We create relevant brand communications, rich in media value, and the effects of this activity help to build admiration for your brand. Ultimately, when brand content is executed well, your customers themselves will become your strongest advocates. 


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Please note that Hennessy & Co. Pty Ltd makes no claim to the copyright or IP rights of the campaigns detailed on this page, which belong to the associated brands, journalists, media and agencies involved in their production and/ or publication. They are shared only in the capacity of fair use.

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